Our Story

Valour City's Victoria Jo
Valour City was born to produce sleek and gritty jewelry designs that are to be used for far more than just looks, while still keeping that sex appeal that's within every person's own right. That's why most designs feature sharp edges and protrusions that compliment the contours of the human body, but also give a cold vibe to let those around know you're not one to mess with. Most people find it odd that despite this cold perception, everyone establishes instant respect and awe for the style. Valour City will continue to produce new designs that balance the bridge between utility and fashion, all dynamically driven by the demands and desires of our sweet and audacious followers.

Dan Valour 
Founder / Designer 
Valour’s vision emerged from the constant concern women have to face during late commutes and nights out. Even with a bold and fearless attitude, it was evident from news about rape and harassment in his surrounding areas that even tenacious women are susceptible to such heinous attacks. With this constant conflict in mind, he entrusted his girlfriend with a small fixed-blade knife that she'd easily conceal inside her purse, and although she loved it, she made it clear that not many women favor knives, and it wasn't always practical. During this same period, he was diving into the fashion scene and would conjure up attractive, utilitarian jewelry designs that aren't available in today's market. After showing friends his designs, it was clear that people had a desire for them, which resulted in the fabrication of a few of prototypes that are now being produced to expand in the brand's journey.

Victoria Jo
CEO / Marketing Queen
Victoria Jo is the face of Valour City. Serving as the driving force in sales and marketing, she is the main influencer in Valour City's designs, and creates the vision for who the brand's current and future audience is. Growing up with the background as an independent and resourceful women, Jo is primed to deliver and make Valour City the industry leader in fashionably-aggressive, utilitarian design.